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August 15, 2016

Mohamed El-Erian's 'Titanic' Analogy For The Global Retirement System: Too Simplistic To Be Useful

Keith Ambachtsheer

In a weekend Bloomberg News article “The Titanic Risks of the Retirement System”, the Chair of President Obama’s Global Development Council (and former PIMCO CEO) told readers that he attended a performance of the musical Titanic in London recently. Mr. El-Erian writes that the story could end up describing “the fate of the global retirement system”. 

Just as Mr. El-Erian had his Titanic moment as he left the theatre, I had a different one after reading his article. Mine was to recall Albert Einstein’s famous dictum: “Make things as simple as possible….but no simpler”. It struck me that the article failed the Einstein test for at least three reasons.


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