February 7, 2023

"Your Hundred Year Life" Canadian Premiere

The combination of longer lives and falling birthrates is raising the proportion of older people relative to younger ones in many countries, including Canada. While we know the numbers behind this ageing  reality, we know less about its social, health, and economic  consequences. This led Dutch entrepreneur,  academic, and filmmaker Dr. Theo Kocken to produce a 1-hour international documentary which studies these consequences in a format that offers keen insights and  entertains at the same time. The film premiered in Amsterdam and Rotterdam in September 2022 to wide acclaim..

The February 6, 2022 screeening at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto was followed by an expert panel discussion that included renowned geriatrician Dr. Samir Sinha, Jen Recknagel, Director of Innovation and Design of the NORC Innovation Centre at University Health Network, Lisa Taylor, CEO of Challenge Factory, a research agency and consultancy focused on the future of work, demographics, carreers and labour markets, and Keith Ambachtsheer, who discussed the financial impacts of aging.

Click here for a summary of the Event and Discussion Panel

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