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KPA Advisory Services helps Clients become stronger ‘value propositions’ for their stakeholders. We do this through a Retainer Package (our Advisory Service) that contains 3 critical ingredients:

1. Our Research Spans Three Broad Areas

  • Pension System Design 
    We seek ways to enhance pension system fairness, transparency, and sustainability.
  • The Governance of Pension Institutions
    We seek ways to improve the institution's mission clarity and organizational effectiveness.
  • Pension Investing
    Clear investment beliefs and their effective implementation generate higher longterm returns and more effective risk management.

2. Actionable Insights and Recommendations

We take care to convert our research insights into practical action steps for Clients.

3. Multiple Communication Channels

As an Advisory Services Client, your Retainer Package includes receipt each month of The Ambachtsheer Letter, our 4-page advisory letter that addresses our research and action steps. Our Advisory Service is based on the calendar year.

Through the Call Option, Clients have direct access to Keith Ambachtsheer either by phone or video conference* or via email, and may include a review of strategic documents. Clients are entitled to up to ½ day of Keith’s time, once within a calendar year. (* phone/video conferences subject to fees)

If a Client visit is required (for example, to attend Board/Investment Committee meetings or strategic planning sessions) additional travel and meeting time may be charged; fee will be negotiated based on a per diem rate of $10,000 plus travel expenses. (We attempt to keep travel expenses and other charges to a minimum by cost-sharing with other Clients visited on the same trip; we work with our Clients to optimize this value.)

To become a KPA Advisory Services Client, please submit the online form below or complete the New Client Agreement and email to

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