KPA Advisory Services has been providing strategic advice on governance, finance, and investment matters to pension organizations, governments, industry associations, pension plan sponsors, foundations, endowments, and other institutional investors around the world since 1985.

KPA’s client roster is made up of thought-leading pension and investment organizations from countries across the globe, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the USA. Their combined assets amount to $5.6 trillion. Clients also include governments, corporations, pension consulting firms, investment managers and regulators.

KPA Advisory Services’ Retainer Package is designed to support clients in creating stronger value propositions for their stakeholders through access to research, actionable insights and recommendations and direct contact with Keith Ambachtsheer.


KPA Advisory’s research focus spans three core themes:

  • Pension System Design
    • focused on enhancing pension system fairness, transparency, and sustainability
  • The Governance of Pension Institutions
    • aimed at improving the institution’s mission clarity and organizational effectiveness
  • Pension Investing
    • centred around driving clarity of investment beliefs and implementing them in a way that generates higher long-term returns and more effective risk management

Actionable Insights and Recommendations

KPA Advisory Services takes care to convert its research insights into practical actions steps for Advisory Services Clients.

Multiple Communication Channels

All Advisory Services Clients receive The Ambachtsheer Letter each month. This four-page advisory letter provides timely research insights and detailed action steps. 

Advisory Service Clients who elect to exercise their Call Option have direct access to Keith Ambachtsheer either by phone or video conference or via e-mail for up to ½ day once each calendar year. 

If a Client visit is required (for example, to attend Board/Investment Committee meetings or strategic planning sessions), travel and meeting time over 1/2 day will be subject to a per diem rate plus travel expenses.. Where possible, scheduling is coordinated to allow multiple clients to share the costs of travel and/or technology expenses.

To become an Advisory Services Client, please submit a New Client Agreement form.