April 9, 2019

Fostering an Important Discussion on Integrated Reporting

January 2019 saw the launch of an important discussion on how the Integrated Reporting Framework requires asset owners to think through how they create value for their stakeholders and for the greater good. Such a discipline leads to further thinking about how to best tell their story, including details about the roles their governance and their business models play in achieving their value-creating goals. Further, how well are they doing performance-wise, and how are they going to even do better tomorrow?

In a Top1000funds article, Keith pointed out that such a process requires asset owners to think hard about how they build sustainability into their investment programs, and specifically how they support the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Ambachtsheer Letter four- part series on Integrated Reporting finished in April with a case study of Australian fund Cbus Super, which has been using the Framework for four years now. They have a great story to tell!      

The Ambachtsheer Letter Series on Integrated Reporting

January 2019: Telling Their Value-Creating Stories; Why Asset Owners Should Use the Interated Reporting Framework

February 2019: Is The Move To ESG Investin Fake Or Real? How Asset Owners Should Address This Question*

March 2019: Rethinking Asset Owner performance Measurement: Insights From The Integrated Reporting Framework*

April 2019: Creating Value For Stakeholders And For The Greater Good: How CBUS Super Uses The Framework To Tell Its Story 


Top1000funds article "How to spot real ESG Integration"

* available to Clients only

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